Familiar Scales Exotics

Our Animals

Our animals are pets first! They are specially chosen for events and outings based on their temperament and personality. They are socialized slowly to various environments. We take multiple precautions to ensure the utmost safety and well-being of our animals at all times. Multiple animals are brought to events so that if one doesn’t want to work, it doesn’t have to! Because our animals our pets they are very well handled. They’re not really working, they are hanging out and we are working around them. It is very rare for one of our animals to turn down working, but they always have the option!

We have various species of boas, pythons & lizards! We also have a box turtle as well as several different species of tarantulas and millipedes! 

Our Burmese Python, Reticulated Python, Dumeril’s Boa, & Argentinian Black &Tegu are always crowd favorites! We can try cater to your needs with specific species or themes of animals! We also have some visual genetic mutations(albinism for example) of certain species for our genetic presentations. This shows impressive differences in color and pattern, and can be added to any package. Contact us for more detailed information!