Familiar Scales Exotics


We believe education is extremely important and we offer several education options!

Educational presentations:
Basic/fun presentations with multiple species (great for all ages and event types)
Themed Presentations
Species specific husbandry, behavior, & breeding
Live tarantula breeding
Genetics: Understanding Morphs & Mutations
Mythology Based
Safe Herping(learn how to safely look for snakes and other reptiles outdoors, this is especially important in ensuring a safe campsite!)

We also offer a canine safety course!

As opposed to a presentation, we can set up an educational booth with live animals, displays and information. This can be done in the same theme as any of our presentations! Our educators are still present for questions and to interact with guests!

Individual Consult
If you are having dietary, husbandry, or behavioral issues we offer phone and video consultation. We also offer in home behavioral and husbandry training. Email for specifications and pricing!