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Eloise is a major motion picture filmed right in Detroit. We provided animals and wrangled on set along with Pet’s & Things Reptile Emporium. We were also extras in the film in order to handle the animals on screen! Based on true events, this film is a horror fan’s delight. Eloise was an actual mental institution that operated from 1839-1982. Many experimental procedures were done there. One such procedure involved flooding a patient with the object of their fears, in this case various creepy crawlies. As a whole our team provided snakes, spiders, lizards, roaches, worms, and rats to the production with our personal snakes being featured. Our own Danielle Dracaena is featured in a clip in the opening credits! Both Danielle and Ragnar are in the film as patients of the asylum.  

A psychological thriller set in an abandoned insane asylum known as Eloise. Four friends break in with the intention of finding a death certificate that could land Jacob the rights to a hefty inheritance. While inside, the friends discover the terrifying history of the asylum and the truth about their own pasts.

Cranbrook Institute of Science
We have done adult oriented educational presentations for events at Cranbrook Institute of Science! Presentation themes included:

This presentation featured live tarantula & snake breeding as well as the breeding & courting habits of several other species. We also had offspring we produced of various species.

At this event we delved into fear and our innate instincts to fear certain animals. We brought various types of animals that are most commonly feared: snakes, spiders, & insects. There were tons of fun facts and information shared, as well as displays that made the animals a lot less fear-worthy! We also had mystery “touch tubs” filled with safe insects or substances that gave you a chance to face your fears and get in contact with various insects.

Natural poisons and toxins were the educational focus point of this occasion. We brought along snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, and amphibians. We had displays explaining the different types of toxins and how the animal is adapted to use them! We also brought along some native medicinal herbs with information reguarding identifying and using them. We also set up a fake camp site and taught how to check for safely check snakes! We laid out specific cautionary detail on keeping yourself safe if venomous snakes are present.

The Science of Booze & Food
This presentation focused on the dietary needs of various species as well as how some wild animals purposely intoxicate themselves! There was a schedule of animal feedings to witness throughout the event! No live mammals are fed for safety and ethical reasons.

Any of these themes can be adapted for your own event!

We have also appeared at many art shows & nightlife events!