Familiar Scales Exotics

About Us

   Familiar Scales Exotics   sprung from the passion of Elledani & Ragnar Dracaena. These lifelong animal lovers turned their hobby into a career that allows them to care for, spread awareness and educate the public about the animals dear to their hearts. Both grew up surrounded by animals. Ragnar’s family was heavily involved in animal rescue. Elledani was “taking the reigns” so to speak and working dogs in training classes from a very young age. 

   By some chance of fate, they were brought together when they were both hired into their first animal care jobs together about a decade ago. They started as dog handlers and quickly worked through the ranks as trainers. Both worked in aggression desensitization. Elledani specialized in puppy development & obedience, and Ragnar in pack management. They eventually started their own training company. At that point in time they started merging into exotic animals, which Ragnar had also grown up with. They quickly became fascinated in all aspects of this  reptilian world. They applied much of their training experience to reptile handling with wonderful results. Though reptiles are very different than mammals, there is more to them than you can imagine. 

   It quickly became apparent that there was a large distance between the reptile community and dog lovers. It was only recently in the last decade or so that they went from “cool things to have”  to well loved pets. Improper husbandry, archaic feeding methods, and a lack of enrichment are still prominent. Reptiles very much need an advocate. Familiar Scales Exotics hopes to fill that role through education.